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Website hosts, like iPage Hosting, store all the data and graphics for a website on their servers; the act of storing this data through a type of web server is known as website hosting itself. There’s many different types of web hosting options out there, ranging from free but limited website hosts to the more expensive yet featured packed hosting packages.

Though don’t get intimidated by the word expensive—iPage Hosting offers a bevy of affordable web hosting options out that won’t break the bank in terms of subscription costs. In fact, the cost of website hosting is typically decided by the type of hosting you’re looking for. The types of web hosting you can get out there are typically categorized as:

Shared Hosting
iPage Hosting’s main hosting option, placing your website onto a server alongside several other customer websites. Websites hosted on a shared server are still separate website in nature, with separated domain names and data management. This is a very reliable hosting as well. Shared hosting is considered one of the more affordable and lo-cost web hosting options out there. That is an great option for you if you looking for budget web hosting for your website.

Dedicated Servers
Hosting that places your website onto its own server, allowing a website owner more control over their website. A website hosted on dedicated servers isn’t impacted by the traffic of other customer’s websites, ensuring that it won’t experience downtime related to being throttled by others’ traffic.

These web servers are considered more expensive than shared hosting; this option is best for those who get lots of traffic and desire more control over their website content. Virtual dedicated servers are relatively less expensive than dedicated server options; a web hosting company can allow you to install a virtual dedicated web server software onto a separate computer.

Managed Hosting
Hosting that’s primarily managed by the web hosting company, in the case of having a dedicated server that the web hosting provider managed for you. It’s not, however, the most cost-effective option for website hosting.

If you want to find cheapest webhosting services, you’re going to have to consider two things: one, you need to find a web host with shared hosting, and two, a provider that has shared hosting with all the features you desire for your venture.

iPage Hosting is a cheap webhosting service that allows users the aforementioned options, in addition to letting users have an unlimited amount of data and bandwidth from their servers. Choosing iPage Hosting is best way to secure a cheap webhosting service under $10 per month.

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